Good Harbor Financial was formed in 2003 by Neil Peplinski to implement his unique statistical asset allocation strategy.  Originally developed to optimize his own 401(k), Neil’s methodology focused on finding ways to improve the odds that he could participate in the long-term trend of the market, while taking more conservative postures in the face of extended downturns like the one experienced from 2000 to 2003.

In 2007, Neil joined with Paul Ingersoll, his former classmate at the University of Chicago, to form Cedar Capital Advisors to further develop the Good Harbor strategy and to extend its reach into alternative asset classes.  Good Harbor operates as the Registered Investment Advisor subsidiary of Cedar Capital and executes its long-only strategy through separately managed accounts. 

How We Manage Money

Our philosophy is that disciplined, model-driven investment approaches generate enhanced risk-adjusted returns. An investment strategy expressed in model form can be researched, backtested, and verified. This provides a rich data set for return and risk management analysis.

This philosophy drives strategy development. Our research establishes investment strategies with economic and statistical underpinnings. Through detailed analysis, we quantify and validate our strategies to identify stable and persistent statistical relationships. Winning strategies must withstand stringent performance criteria. The Good Harbor tactical asset allocation strategy is a direct result of this process.

Good Harbor Brochure (PDF)


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